Sunday, January 9, 2011


Does it all end with an orgasm?

The long nurtured passions and desires
That flowed through my senses like
A gushing stream having its own life,
Like the wild restiveness of the Earth’s core
Keen for exploding out and show its prowess;

The thousands of preserved candid images
Of your flawless charming beauty in my memory,
Have been lost, as the radiance of
The magnanimous sun is lost in the
Depth of a colossal abyss, as the
Vista of far-flung hills are lost by
A slowly spreading wet mist.

Amidst the void, springs up never felt
Sentiments of promises and responsibilities
As the first drops of dew appear on the
Morning leaves from nowhere,
As the surfacing of freedom wings terminating
The long confinement of a caterpillar.

It all begins with an orgasm.

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