Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Elegy

Amidst the vast outstretched lush green

At the heart of my city

The milieu used to be so serene

But now it's no more - what a pity!

Oh my fellow city men, - you look so mournful

Due to some unfathomable grief and sorrow plentiful.

I wonder what can be the reason behind this agony

Haven't thou learnt to face the destiny?

Wandering from one corner of the city to the other,

I found the mob in pensive dither;

And finally I came to know the answer.

My fellow city men are bereaved for their leader.

A leader indeed in the true sense of the word.

Whose deeds inspire reverence in a bard;

A leader who has exemplified courage,

Who has been a true icon of patronage;

Stupendifying the entire bunch of country men

With his divine bestowed skills and sheer excellence

But one must realize that nothing can last forever.

Everything in this world be it human life be it success, is ephemeral.

The golden days now lost in the abyss of oblivion,

Should be conveyors of new hopes and sources of inspiration.

Let the dawn of an unblemished era befall on you,

Ending the gloom of nostalgic memoirs and bringing dreams anew.

Let not the spirit of dominance die off from your heart

Because somebody among you is our future leader.


  1. I hope you are not talking about Jyoti Basu ... because I am not sad .. otherwise the poem is quite good :)

    And BTW .. are you referring to yourself in the line "Whose deeds inspire reverence in a bard;" as the bard? Or was it just to rhyme with word. If it is rhyme you are looking for, you may try "heard".

    Subhodeep (

  2. Thanks Deep....
    No, I'm talking about Sourav Ganguly here....
    I used the word bard in a general sense to refer to poets...