Sunday, January 9, 2011

English phobia

This weird art of English communication
Has been the source of much of my tribulation.
So many words of various shapes and colors unknown
Flicker and loiter around my vision.
Are they the product of my sole imagination?
Or nebulae of fragments of memory well grown?

The nouns confuse me by their sheer multitude -
Abstract, proper, countable, collective.
My knowledge is evasive of the right attitude
To select the best fit from one of these.

The verbs come as a bit of relief after the torturous nouns
The adverbs being the decor in their crowns.
The adjectives – attributive, predicative, substantive so many of them
I don’t know how, when and where to use them.

Alas, the rhetoric and prosody seems to flee away during my speech;
The alliterations instead of befriending me have pushed me down a ditch.
Shakespearean literature resembles me of the Bermuda triangle
Chaucer and Spencer often clutch me down in strangle.


  1. Very good work Debasis!

    Have you tried using a metrical form .. an iambic pentameter or something:

    Rhetoric n prosody 'scapes when I talk,
    Alliteration my friend turns enemy rock.

    Or something of that sort .. maybe. You get what I am sayin.. right?

    Subhodeep (

  2. Hmmm... nice observation.... Nice to refresh my high school knowledge of rhetoric and prosody though I wrote the poem without thinking of much technical stuff like iambic metres.... :)